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Patrick Griffin OAM in his own words!

Brought to you by Brendon Grainger of Technology 4 Hotels


Click to watch short cuts of the interview, or scroll down to watch the whole thing (about 1 hr)


Bit of background

The first meeting...

Talking 'bout the books

Talking 'bout the books too

Did you choose your career or did it choose you?

Bit of a laugh from the early days!

Celebrities who stood out!

Tips for young players

Technology for Dummies Part 2

Career highlights...

Best advice ever received

The Aussie way!

Technology for Dummies Part 3

Meeting Royalty

The Fizz

Technology for Dummies Part 1

Technology for Dummies Part 4

Ego is not a dirty word

Technology for Dummies Part 5

Staff shortages.... STILL!

Career benefits of being NICE

If I could turn back time...

Everything old should be new again

Wishful thinking

Producer's notes for the bio-pic

Goodbye, farewell and amen


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